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    At HealthSET, client advocates work with clients who are faced with serious life challenges such as illness, financial issues and/or the inability to access services. These life challenges often can affect a person’s physical and mental wellness. Clients with multiple conditions may have complicated care regiments, see a variety of care providers, and do their best to manage their illness on a daily basis. By directly collaborating with health care providers and diverse community resources, the client advocacy team works to alleviate a patient’s challenges, answer their questions, and provide them with clear, comprehensive, and simple health directives. Client advocates ensure that clients receive necessary healthcare and social services so that they may remain in their homes, and continue to age in place with an increased quality of life. They conduct a thorough and standardized needs assessment to prioritize gaps in care and link patients with appropriate resources to meet their needs.

    Client Advocates can be a vital resource to our clientele. Here is one story.

    For example, upon visiting a HealthSET clinic, one of our clients informed the advocate that he could no longer afford to buy groceries due to the cost of his prescription drugs. Looking further into this issue, HealthSET staff realized he had retired and since lost his insurance. He was paying face value for a lifesaving drug that was necessary for maintaining proper kidney function. Client Advocates found that he had been enrolled in a Medicare Part D plan that he was unaware of.

    The team referred him to Member Services so that he could access the drug plan in order to receive them at an affordable price, ultimately preventing an unnecessary ER visit. Oftentimes clients are uninformed and do not have the knowledge to navigate the complex healthcare and social systems. Client Advocates help ease these challenges by providing education, resources and referrals for clients to ensure they are a part of a comprehensive continuum of care.

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