• Friendly Visits Program

  • With the changing weather comes a more isolating season for some of our clients.

    Winter's snow and cold can make it difficult to get around and the holidays can be a reminder of the friends and family that may not be with them. We have been running our Friendly Visits (formally Adopt an Elder) program the past several years to help combat this loneliness and bring a little joy during this vulnerable time of year.

    However, our capacity to manage and grow the Friendly Visits program is limited due to its success and our focus on our Health Promotion Clinics. Over the past year we have learned of other organizations already excelling at this essential work such as the Volunteers of America (VOA) and their Baskets of Joy program. We will be taking a hiatus from the Friendly Visits program this year and are referring our clients and volunteers to Volunteers of America. For more information on their program or to sign up to volunteer, visit Volunteers of America website.

    We will continue to practice our compassion and care for our clients this holiday season through our clinics and advocacy work.  And of course, if you have visited a client in the past that you would like to reach out to again this year let me know and I can reconnect you.

    Thank you for all your service to our clients in years past and for understanding about this change.  We feel it’s the best way to continue to serve our clients’ needs during this vulnerable time of year with the limited resources we have. The VOA is an expert at this (they’ve been running the Baskets of Joy program for 26 years), and we know our clients will be well taken care of. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

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