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    Diana's Story
    Client StoriesDiana is a 67 year old woman who first came to our clinic as a newly diagnosed diabetic. She was confused about this disease, was having difficulty taking her medications properly, and losing her ability to see. She also needed eyeglasses and significant dental work. With frequent visits to our clinics and consistent care management, Diana learned how to manage her diabetes and organize her medications. In addition to enhancing her physical health, her quality of life is improved as she now has her own glasses and dentures.

    Antonio's Story
    Antonio shuffled into clinic one day in extreme pain and discomfort. The pain caused him to stop eating and he subsequently lost a quarter of his body weight. His condition became so bad that he was even considering suicide. Through extensive care coordination, our nurses helped Antonio get a special procedure that successfully treated his underlying condition and allowed him to eat again. In the process, we also helped reunite him with his previously estranged son.

    Mr. RobertsonMr. Robertson, 76 yrs. old
    Mr. Robertson came to us requesting financial assistance for glasses. Due to complications from a previous cancer diagnosis, Mr. Robertson has lost the ability to speak. He used pen and paper to request help in getting an exam and new glasses. His exam revealed that he was diagnosed with low-vision, which posed great risk to Mr. Robertson’s health. Without the ability to speak or see well, he was at risk of fall and injury, with no way to communicate to others if he was hurt.

    When it was revealed that Mr. Robertson had low vision, it became apparent that his glasses would cost more than average. Client advocate Amanda applied for financial assistance to the Joint Coalition Assistance Fund (JCAF) for the $475 needed for new glasses. For requests over $400, JCAF require the advocate seek additional help through other agencies as well.

    Amanda completed an application for Friends of Man, however communication with this organization is difficult, and we never received a response. Amanda applied to the Betty Proctor fund for $100 of the total, hoping the JCAF could cover the rest. Each application required new signatures and took time for processing; the operation as a whole stretched from late August to November.

    A breakthrough came when Jeffco Action Center called Amanda and let her know that although the Betty Proctor fund was usually reserved for emergencies, there was another program that Mr. Robertson qualified for. Amanda received approval and contacted Mr. Robertson’s sister so she could pick up the voucher for him and assist by providing transportation to the participating retail store. Again, communication was difficult and Mr. Robertson’s sister was unable to help. Amanda enlisted the help of a volunteer to drive him the 42-mile round-trip to get his glasses. Mr. Robertson’s quality-of-life and safety are greatly improved now that he has the correct eyeglasses.

    Ms. PetersonMs. Peterson, 79 yrs. old
    Ms. Peterson has a drive to improve her health and take preventative measures, which includes her exercise routine. She had always been active, whether it be walking, swimming, or biking. However, as Ms. Peterson grew older, her arthritis became a barrier to her maintaining an active lifestyle. She had begun to gain weight, and the pain of her arthritis coupled with the inactivity it caused was making her feel depressed, lonely, and isolated.

    Client Advocates researched alternative options for Ms. Peterson and learned of the Easter Seals warm water therapy pools. Located conveniently close to the clients’ building, the warm water pools have many benefits for those with Arthritis. According to the Easter Seals website, the pool is 91 - 93 degrees and is the largest bromine based system in Metro area (no chlorine). Specific classes for those with arthritis offer strength training and low intensity cardio aerobics. Client advocates applied for a reduced rate based on the clients’ income, then utilized the Joint Coalition Assistance Fund to obtain a warm water pool pass for Ms. Peterson. Now that she is active again, her pain has decreased, her mobility and mental health have improved, and she has even made a few new friends.

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