• Empowering the lives of the low-income seniors.

  • HealthSET is dedicated to improving the lives of the low-income elderly and is built on a foundation of highly skilled nurses, client advocates, and volunteers. HealthSET gives the most vulnerable seniors tools to live independently, which is integral to preserving their quality of life. The team provides free, monthly health clinics as well as follow-up care, making adequate healthcare a reality to those who need it most.

    HealthSET is impacting healthcare by:

    • Reducing admission and readmission rates to hospitals
    • Assisting in medication management
    • Identifying red flags that might indicate a worsening condition
    • Providing follow-up care with the client and the Primary Care Providers after hospitalization
    • Enhancing client understanding of what occurred during the hospitalization; activating seniors to be more empowered to manage their own health

  • Our Mission to Heal

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  • Health Promotions Clinic

    Health Promotions Clinic

    Our free health assessments and advocacy to low-income seniors in the Denver Area.

  • Client Advocacy

    Client Advocacy

    Working with clients to navigate challenges such as illness, financial issues and/or the inability to access services.

  • For More Information

    About volunteer opportunities, or the services we provide, contact us by:

  • Make a Donation

    Make a Donation

    It's easy to make a donation or find ways to contribute your time, talents and passion for our work to improve the lives of the low-income seniors.

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